Uncompromising Cyber Integrity

TSSG is a partnership of premier cybersecurity companies (Acquired Data Solutions, Eagle Network Solutions, & Ramparts Security) whose principals have directly encountered cyber adversaries, dissected their motivations, and thwarted their attempts to breach critical infrastructure and national security assets. Our focus on test and measurement (T&M), test and evaluation (T&E), cybersecurity, software and hardware platforms, and risk mitigation, allows us to offer unique comprehensive solutions to protect connected devices such as Internet-of-things (IoT) products, and Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems from penetration; mitigating the liability of manufacturers, and protecting the consumer from possible catastrophic loss. The three-member companies of TSSG have designed a unique IoT test platform the “Cyber Physical Test Bench” (CPTB). The CPTB is the only solution in the cyber realm in its ability to analyze up to 500,000 IoT devices and/or flows simultaneously. The three primary components of the CPTB are TSSG proprietary components 1.) Network Application Test and Validation Engine (NATVE) a PERL/Java/SQL based software suite designed to facilitate large-scale TCP/IP network communications testing 2.) LabVIEW Dashboard Integration 3.) NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Core Competencies

Our knowledge and expertise in Cybersecurity, Testing and Network Risk Assessment standards and processes allows us to ensure the efficient evaluation and procurement of best-of-breed Information Security technologies by government agencies of any size.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Physical Test Bench
  • Network Risk Assessment
  • Network Automation and Testing
  • Network Recovery
  • Penetration Testing

ADS is an Engineering company that provides complete solutions for data acquisition, test, operational, and monitoring environments. We understand that high performing systems and superb products are the result of great development and manufacturing. And they are in turn critical to your performance, quality and user experience. Our mission is to improve our customer’s development environment, manufacturing performance and product and system quality. ADS does this by enabling our customers to solve their complex development and production problems using sophisticated ADS engineering services, software and hardware. This includes the ability to emulate environments during the developmental and operational phases before deployment, production or field testing. At ADS we understand that our customer’s piece of mind depends on us and our values – expert level knowledge, dependability, dedication, and communications transparency.

ENS capabilities, qualifications and past performance include a broad range of experiences in the Internetworking, Client/Server, Data Center, and Cyber Security technology spaces culled from past customers such as General Dynamics Information Technology and the Pentagon Renovation (PenRen) Program; Lockheed Martin and the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Command, Control, Battle Management, & Communication (C2BMC) program. During these experiences ENS has provided technical leadership, innovation, implementation and support services where we were part of a team that received 17 straight Government evaluations of 100% approval.

Ramparts provides network risk assessments which offer decision makers critical information in order to make informed decisions on how or if to fund network security improvements. The approach is based on state of the art analytics, security best practices and potentially Ramparts penetration testing. Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, combining information leakage from one domain to more effectively exploit vulnerabilities in another. Penetration testing needs to evolve to keep pace. Traditional penetration testing tends to independently assess vulnerabilities, exclusive of each other. Ramparts adaptive penetration testing uses multiple phases, combining information learned across all vulnerability domains into a focused attack. Ramparts' security professionals can conduct penetration tests acting as a malicious outsider without any prior knowledge about your network, and as an insider who has employee privileges or physical access to your network.